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Examples of Essay Format

Essay formats are what we use to structure the content of our essays. If it were not for essay structuring and formatting, then how would an essay ever differ from an in-depth article. The existence of references, citations, and the like, are no indication of an essay. An essay is a formatted piece of text that conforms to the rules that others of the same ilk must also conform to.

A basic essay format example

They all start with an introduction of some sort which is there to tell the reader what to expect. The reader is often given a thesis statement, and some essay writers will put in an attention grabbing introduction to convince the reader to read the entire thing.

The thesis statement is something that tells the reader what points you are going to discuss within the essay. The thesis is sometimes a question, and is always mentioned in the conclusion.

The body of the essay is going to depend fully upon what sort of thing you intend to write about, and what type of essay you are writing. The content and format of one type of essay is going to differ wildly from that of another.

Your body should make points that run all the way up to the conclusion. You can add citations, references and examples if you like. But the body must make points in order to discuss the thesis of the paper. These are the points that are going to come together in your conclusion.

Within your conclusion you are going to have to mention your thesis statement, and then explain how and why the points you make on your essay actually come together to support or un-support your thesis. Whatever you were trying to prove or disprove, should come together in your conclusion.

An argumentative essay format example

You would explain what you are going to argue about in your thesis, and then you would make arguments and counter arguments within your essay body. The conclusion would be then result of the discourse within your essay. It would end with some sort of decision or point, including if your argument ends with you being undecided.

A persuasive essay format would differ

A persuasive essay may be similar to an argumentative essay, but the essay is more one sided. A person may provide counter arguments within the text, but this is often just to prove a point or to dispel any disagreement that may occur.